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Richard A. Costello Special Achievement Award


            The Richard A. "Doc" Costello Special Achievement Award, presented annually since 1992, is named for the former USM Director of Athletics, and is given to a USM graduate who has distinguished them self through their commitment to student-athletes and athletics.

1992   Leroy Rand
1993   Dean Evans
1994   Art Dyer
1995   Charlie Malia
1996   Jac Coyne
1997   Leonard Emmons
1998   Donald Richards
1999   Bill Adams
2000   Jim Pouravelis
2001   Brian Gordon
2002   Charlie Jucius
2003   Kathy Jenkins
2004   Reggie Grant
2005   Dennis Ela
2006   Jacques Morin
2007   David Page
2008   Ed McDonough
2009   Pat O'Shea
2010   Les Lafond
2011   Susan S. Hight
2012   Bob Boucher
2013   Charlie Gordon
2014   Dr. Michael Collins
2015   James Greenleaf
2016   Mike McGraw